What type of friend are you?

Off  all the many friends you have, what type of friend are you? How do you fit in within different personalities?   


The party starts at 6 pm. What do you do to prepare?

You all carpool to the party together. Which one are you when the car pulls up to pick you up?

young woman waiting for ride

Hours later at the party, which one are you?

Late night on the way home after a crazy party, which friend are you?

young woman in back seat of car

Work is tough and deadlines need to be meet. What kind of work friend are you?

Woman giving speech at microphone

You tell your friends what you think is a pick me off the floor joke, but no one laughs. What goes through your mind.

Three women telling jokes

Why do you think that having friends is important?

Two couples seating and laughing

How do you feel when your friend makes more progress and starts being more successful than you?

angry older woman

Which statement below do you agree with the most?

What Type Of Friend Are You?
Wow. are you are the wonderful MOM friend.

Mom holding daughter

You are usually the most responsible of the bunch. You even know your friend's boss's first and last name. You know who did not complete their assignments years back and ready with the picnic sandwiches and umbrella one month before summer starts. Be proud of yourself. You are the best of best friends
You are the party friend for sure.

Two friends holding having fun

You break the silence, easy to talk to, and always tell the jokes that keep everyone laughing and happy. You are sometimes loud making your presence felt, but that means you are assertive. Keep making people laugh so that they can forget some of their problems.
You are the tough friend. Sometimes brutally honest.

Man pointing finger

Your friends know you as the one who takes no BS from anyone. You are not afraid to try out new things that seem crazy for others. You just tell it like it is.
You are the wise mentor friend. Loyal and always there to give guidance and advice to your friends

Friend helping up friend

You are still in touch with some childhood friends who still reach out to you for being a lifelong caring friend. At home and at work, people see you as a trusted friend. You might just become the United Nations secretary-general if you keep it up. Much love

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